A complete E-Book, E-Magazines and Comics collection management solution - for free!

What is BookLib exactly?

BookLib offers an alternative for existing management solutions. The project was born out of frustration with several existing solutions that, while feature rich, did not scale to the level and number of files that I needed.
As such, BookLib was born as a personal project. After being in use for a while, I decided to bring it under in my own, existing company and make it available publicly, and free of charge.
It's database driven and fully webbased. I created a demo sample of over 400.000 ebooks which is was able to parse and process without incident. Contradictory to other solutions, BookLib will first add all the files it's able to find to its database, meaning they are accessable right away. After they've been added, it will process metadata in the background.

The project is open-source and in active development. If there's any features you'd like to request, or bugs you've encountered, please send me an email, or create a ticket on our GitHub page.

In the meantime, take a look around our website, we've got screenshots, a feature list and knowledgebase available for you!